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Shaykh farid alddin Attare naishaboori:

He was born in Nayshabour in a year from 530A.H to 537A.H & was a pharmacist in there. He was a rich man but an accident changed his life. One day an old man came to his store & said ((Ah)). Attar understood & said to him leave the pharmacy. He said ((I have an old clothes & I can leave here easily but how about you?)) Attar: ((Like you)) He put off his clothes & was died. Attar found out his purpose. He sold his shop & Became one of writers & Gnostics.

Few men believe that he was written 114 books, like Manteghol tair , Elahiname ,Mokhtarname , Bolbol name ,Pand name etc. He was died in a year from 589 until627 A.H. & he was buried near Khayyams  shrine in Nayshaboor. He was another person who have seen the Moguls attack.