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Hakim omare khayyam Naishaboori:


This astronomer , Mathematician , Philosopher , Doctor &

Great poet of Iran was born in Naishaboor in the first of 

5th century & spent most of his life in there, But he 

traveled to The other cities of Khorasan , Iraq , Baghdad,

Isfehan , Marv & Balkh (north east of Iran)

one of his scientific works is jaliali calendar that is more

 exact than Grigouri calendar & these his valuable works

 wrote his name in the science history.


But his fame (in Iran) is his Rubaiyat (The poems have 2 

distiches) that the first time was translated to English by

an Englishman named: Edward FitzGerald.

Another his science works are: The triangle of khayyam-sakri ,The triangle arithmetical of khayyam-paskal etc.This great scientist was died in 517 A.H (1096 A.D) in Naishaboor & was buried there.