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Mohammad Ali (Zoka almolk) Forughi:

He (that was the son of Mirza Mohammad Hussein Forughi) was born1874 A.D. When he had finished his lessons in Darolfonun he began to study philosophy. He was the teacher of politic school as a short time & then became manager of it.

He knew French, Farsi, politics& Social. Also he had knowledge of French & Farsi. He had a lot of important jobs in Government, like: A member of parliament, Minister, The deputy of Iran in United nations, The manager of nations society, Premier (4) etc. He was a person who concluded the arrangement with the Allies about Iran in 1941.

His books are: Travel in Europe philosophy, philosophy of Socrates, Koliat of Saadi, The best poems of Hafez, Khayyam Robaiyat (with Dr.Ghasem ghani).

He was died in 5th Azar (9th month) in 1342 & was buried in Ebne babuye tomb when he was 68.