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Kamal alddin Vahshi Bafghi:

He was born in Bafgh (a city of Yazd) in 1508 A.D. his father was died when he was a little child. Vahshi learnt science & literature & then left Bafgh with many books 7 a cloth when he was a young man. He went to Yazd. After it went to Kerman & lived in an old lady house & change it from a house to a school & his classroom was just a room. He learned in days & with his little reward that catch from the children parents.

But after a short Tim returned to Yazd & was there until he was died.

He was bald a little ugly but he became on of greatest poets in Iran (Like the other poets of Iran that are in the people heart). His books are: Khaldbarin, Nazer and Manzoor, Farhad and Shirin (that cant finish it)& the other beautiful poems.

A night of 1970 he was guest of his friend. When all of the other guests had got drunk he left the party & never returned, His friends began to find. & Found him sleep under the tree. He had died there & Made them and us sad.