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Upupa epops:

This wonderful bird live in Asia, Europe & Africa. They has brown neck & body with black & white feathers & tail. Upupa epops usually likes to live in gadens & parks. This bird search ground for insects then it hunts them.

The interesting thing about this bird is: when Upupa epops wants to defend the chickens makes a bad smell to defend chickens.

these birds (Male & female) have no different Females laid 4 or 5 eggs in the summer. Female sleep on the eggs & males give food to them until the chickens birth. Then male & female raise up chickens until they fly.

Lots of important persons (like poets & prophets) say many things about this wonderful bird for example in Koran Upupa epops means complete person. In stories this bird always help other people. Upupa epops fly slow & wavy it lives in many parts of Iran.