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Sysa was ilam capital city it is in south west of Iran in a district calls Khozestan.  There is one of the places that archaeologists find lots of things. Most of them are now out of Iran.

First time luftas search around Susa in 1849 until 1872.

Susa built in 5000 BC.After

Susa makes from 4 parts:

Kings city: in 1954 archaeologists find 9 cities that built on top of each other. The area was 600 m2 . First &second flat is for 1300 years a go. Third flat built on 1400 years a go. Forth flat is for 1800 years a go. Archaeologists find a square building there is painting of a man with a bow.

Apadana: Apadana built by great Darioush it got fire when first Ardeshir was king. After that second Ardeshir fix it .The most beautiful thing that there are the lions that engraving on tiles.

Workers town: in 1947 professor ramgirshem find 3 flats there. He found lots of things first flat: a very old mosque. Second & third flat: cemetery that was from sasanian & sulukian.

Acropol: it is a Greek word & means the highest place. Here was the place that temple, installations & lots of other things ware there. After some times some parts plus to it for example in 2300 BC 2 temples & a big depot plus to Susa. Lots of special things.


A lot of tables found in Susa that most of them are about law.    


Susa winged horned lion