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Shah neamat Allah Ebn Seyyed Abdollah Kermani mahani:

He was born in Mahan (A city of Kerman) or Halab in 1309 A.D. He learnt his basic lessons from Imam Rokn Alddin Shirazi (A great literary man) & Shams Alddin Maleki (A great person). He traveled to Mecca in 1333 when he was 24 & stayed there for 7 years. He went & stayed in a lot of cities like: samarghand, Heart, yazd & Mahan.

Shahrokh, the king of Iran loved him a lot (But he donít described any one expect God).

The complete words of Shah Neamat Allah Vali have 14,000 beautiful & lovely distiches. He was died in Mahan in 1413 when he had 104 years old & was buried there in a shrine. There is a school of him, named: Neamat Allahieh.