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Sheykh saadalddin mahmood ebn abdolkarim Shabestary:

He was born in Shabestar (a city of Tabriz in North-west) in the middle of 12th century. He became a famous poem in the government of king Oljaytu & Abu saeed. The people went to him to ask them questions about science (literature & the other questions).

He also composed poems as a book named: Gholshane raz because he wanted to explain a question that a great men had asked named: Shahb aldin Sohrevardi, Baha alddin multani (The teacher of araghi) & Amir hossain Morid.

The other book are: Haghol ayn, saadatname & marat almohagheghin).He was died in his birthplce (Shabestar) in 1299 A.D & was buried in there.