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Hakim Abu almajd Majdud ebn Adam Sanai Ghaznavi:

He was born in Ghaznain in 1044 A.D. The first he was describing kings like: Masud ebn Bahram but after traveled to Khorasan (East) & met austere changed his way & was a believer person & composed poems for God.

 Then went to Mecca & lived in Balkh, Sarakhs, Marv, nayshabour but finally returned to his birthplace & was died there in 1104. He was the first person who composed poem with mystical guaranteeds in Farsi literature.  

His mathnavies are: The garden of true, the way of investigation, Sair alebad ela almaad, the treasure of secrets, karname, Afname, Gharibname, Aghlname & Eshghname. But his famous book is the garden of true that has 10,000 distiches (Have composed in 1104).