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Saeed Nafisi:

He (that was the son of Ali Akbar nazem Alotaba, A great scientist) was born in Tehran in 1894 A.D. His ancestor was a doctor in Kerman named: Nafis Ebn Ghos. He learnt his lessons in universities in Tehran & paris. & After returned to Iran became an employer in the one of ministry. Then became the manager of the business school. He had the other jobs like: The teacher of law in university & a member of Iran academy.

His literary works are more than 180 like: The black stars, the moon of the Nakhshab (a city), Faranghis (a female name), Complete words of Attar, Rubaiyyat Khayyam etc.

His translates are: Iliad & Odes (from Homer), The end of the German, The history of Turkey etc. He has a dictionary from French to Persian (in 2 volumes).

He was died in the night of 21 Aban (8th month) 1966 in Tehran.