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Sadegh Hedayat:                  

He (that was the son of Eatezad almolk) was born in Tehran in 28 Bahman 1902. His family was politics. He went to Europe & visited Paris & Bisansen when he was a young man. He wrote vegetarianismís advantages, bury alive, 3 of drip blood, Parvin the daughter of Sasan & The tale of creation. One-day people saved him when he was in Sen River in Paris. He returned to Iran & stayed there for a long time.

He traveled to India in 1936 & learnt the Pahlavi (the ancient language of Iran) there & translated 2 of Batavian text to French. Then he went to Tashkent in 1945. He returned to Iran again. He traveled to Paris again in Azar (9th month) 1950. & He was killed in 19 Farvardin (the first month) 1951 in bathroom in his house. His murderer had drowned him by gas. He was buried in Perlashez shrine near French kings & writers in France.

His books are: Light shadow, velengary vaghvagh sahab, blind owl, The Mogulís shadow, vagrant dog, mrs.Alavie, Hiji agha, Pearl ball, Maziar, Human and animal, Nairangestan, In the sad road & Isfahan, the half of the world.

His translated are: graffito of Jamasb, Ardeshir Babakans report, Gojaste abalesh, The townships of Iranshahr, Zand and Humenyesen, Wall & Metamorphosis (A book have written by Kafka).