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Shaykh moshref aldin Mosleh ebne abdollah saadi shirazi:

He was born in shiraz in 606 A.H (1185 A.D). He lost his father when he was a little child. He went to a Maktab (old Iranian school) in shiraz to learn science. After finish the lectures he went to Baghdad (capitol of Iraq) & learned a lot of things there. saadi is one of notables that see the Mogul attack. like Molavi , Attar etc.)

He return to Iran in 654 A.H (1233 A.D) After 48 years. He in his life (88 years old) visited a lot of cities like : Fars , Azerbaijan , India , Balkh (one of Afghanistan cities ) & kashghar etc.

he wrote golestan (655 A.H ) & boostan (656 A.H ).He also have koliat (His poems ).This kind, peaceful & believer man died in 694 A.H (1273 A.D ) .

Gotte , the famous German literature had known his & Hafez poems by heart. Victor Huggo a famous French novelist in a poem named ((Iran king ) said : that already Hafez has read & now saadi read (* there is a mistake because when saadi dead Hafez didn't born)



saadi's tomb