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Abu abdellah jafar ebn mohammad Roodaky:

He was born in Roodak (A village of samarghand in East) in 893A.D.He compose poems & knew Quran by heart when he was 8.He had a very lovely voice. He lived in court of Nuh ebne Samani  & was the best poet there. & King paid attention to him a more than the other poets & was giving wealth and presents to him

He was skillful in all of the poem methods & his poems were wonderful. He composed about 1000 distiches that we have a few of them (He composed Kelile & Demne from prose to poem). &. Because the most of them was annihilated in Mogulís attack.

He was died in 908 in his birthplace & was buried there. few men said that he was blind But there are reasons that tell us he could see.

Said when the king went to the other city in West for rest he didnít came back from there. He composed a poem describe Samanghadr, & when the king  heard his poem came back to his capitol.