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Rahi Moaayyeri





Mohammad Hassan Rahi Moayyeri:

He (that was the son of Moayyed Khalvat) was born in Tehran in 1909 A.D. he has a lot of comic (But liable to criticism about social & government) & serious poems. He wrote his poems in 2 famous magazine named: ((Baba shamal & Tehran mosavar)) & composed these followed from Saadi & Nezami.

He began to compose his poems when he was 13 & became a skillful poet when he had just 17 years old. He traveled to Turkey in 1957 (as a guest) with many poets & writers. In this trip he succeed to go to Goonieh & saw Molaviís shrine.

He went to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1958 & met a lot of Russian poets. Also went to Italy & France next year. Rahi traveled to Afghanistan twice. The first for attend in 900 anniversary of Khajeh Abdollah Ansari (in 1962) & the second for participate in Afghan feast (in 1967).

This powerful poet was died in 1968 but before his death his poem book named: The shadow of life was published in Iran.