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Rabee bent kaabe ghazdary:

She was the first woman poet who composed her poem Farsi. We donít know about when she birth & die. This pretty poet Knew Farsi & Arabic very well (She was Arabic person). His father (kaab) was a governor & when he was died his son named Hares (Brother of Rabee) became governor.

Hares had a slave named Baktash. & She was the lover of him. When Hares hreard this subject from Roodakey (in the king party) had a crazy act. He imprisoned Baktash in a pit. Then cut the jugular vein of Rabee & imprisoned her in bathroom & She wrote her poems with her blood on the wall of that room. After Baktash understood went there but he found just her body, she was died. Then he killed hares in that night & himself too. He was buried near of her tomb.