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Pyrrhula pyrrhula :

Pyrrhula pyrrhulaes are a member of  the gallinaceans family. These birds live together most of the time (except reproduction season). Their  plumages have variously color and their beak is small and strong. They live on the tree, on the grand & interior of crucible.

it's lenght (from beak to breath) is 15 centimeters. It's stomach and breast  are white red (male) &  brown (female). They eat small fruits from  jungle or garden (But the farmers donít like these lovely birds because they eat farmerís fruit & products).  Few  people like this bird and they take care of pyrrhula pyrrhula in the cage.

They laying 4 or 5 eggs each year. Their chickens break eggs after 14 days and  get out of the egg. They live in the north of Iran (From Alborz Mountain to Azerbaijan).