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Parvin Etesami:

She is greatest women poet in the history of Iran. She was born in Tabriz in 25 Esphand (The last month of Iranian year)1906 A.D. His father also was a famous poet & few people tried to say that these are his father poems. But she with her short life became one of greatest poets in Iran.

She learnt The Farsi (The language of Iranian people) & Arabic literature from his father & began to compose her poems when she was 8.She went to American school in Tehran & after finish it, taught there.

The first complete works of her published in 1935.Her poems are about the poor people & oppressed people, but they are wonderful & fantastic. This famous woman was died a short time after her father death in 16 Farvardin (The first month of Iranian year) 1941 & was buried in Qom (A central holy city in Iran) & was written her poem (that she composed for her shrine) on it.