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Nima Yushij (Ali Esfandiary):

Ali Esfandiary the son of Ebrahim Nozari was born in Yush (A village in North of Iran) in 1894. His father was farmer & took him to nature (mountains etc) He learnt how write & read in Yush. He went to Sent Louie School in Tehran when he was a young man. Nima loved painting, French literature & poems (His Farsi literature was Nezamolddin Vafa who was a famous poet.).

His first poem was ((pale story)) & his first book is ((Tale)). The father of new poem became a member of Music magazine. He was writing a lot & publishing a little.

Jalal Alahmad (An important writer) was his neighbor. But Nima had pneumonia , & finally he was died in Tehran in Thursday 16 Dey (11th month) 1959.

here is one of Nimas poems:

Along the Riverbank

Along the Riverbank

Along the riverbank wanders the old turtle

The day's a sunny day.

The rice-paddy scene is warm.


The old turtle basks in the warm lap of its sun,


Sleep at ease

along the riverbank.


Along the riverbank there's only me

Tired from the pain of desire,

Awaiting my sun.

But my eyes

Cannot see it for an instant.


My sun

Has hidden its face from me in the distant waters.

For me everything is clear everywhere

In my standing,

In my hurrying,

Only my sun is not clear

along the riverbank.