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Hakim abu mohammad Elyas ebn yousof Nezami ghanjavi:

He was born in Ghange (a city of Azerbaijan) in a year from 1109 to 1119 A.D. He spent his life in his birthplace & has gone to Tabriz once. He knew literature, astronomy, Medicine, Natural Science & Islamic laws.

The most of his books are about love stories & advisement. His books are: Makhzan alasrar, Leila & Majnoon, Khosro and Shirin, Haft peykar (Bahram name) & Eskandarname.

His books was a source for the other poets & they was following from him (The poets like Amikhosro Dehlavi, Vahshi bafghi, Jami, Khajooye kermana,Maktabi etc).But his poems was very agreeable & lovely for parties in the last. & Now we use from his poems a lot too.

He was died in Ghanje in a year between 1149 & 1198 when he was 84 years old, & was buried there. He had 3 wives that were died before him. Nezami also had a son named Mohammad. The Nezami tomb goes to be destroyed but it repaired by Azerbaijanis local government.