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Molana jalal aldin mohammad ebne hossine khatibi balkhi:

He the son of Bahaalddin valid was born in Balkh in 1183 A.D.  His family left His birthplace in 1188 & went to Mecca & Algeria ed there for 9 years. The king of Ghoonieh (a city in Turkey) invited them to there. He became a teacher of the city school. But one day he met Shams Tabrizi who had came to there & Molavi loved him & became one of his students but after Molana here Molavi became a great Gnostic & had a lot of students.

He had a lot of books Gnostic Mathnavi, Fihemafieh, 7 assemblies (His lessons that taught to his students in class.), Makatib, Koliat shames tabrizi (that wrote for him).

Molavi was died in Ghoonieh in 1251 & was buried there & his tomb is one of Turkey historical place that every year many people visit it. Gnostic Mathnavi of him was sold in more 3000 copied in United state of  & a lot of  copied in Hung-Kong. Many people believe that Molavi is Greatest poet in Iran (better than Hafez).