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Masoud Ebn saad Salman Lahuri:

He was born in Lahore (A city in Pakistan) in 1019 A.D, but his family was lived in hamedan (Northwestern city). He was a greatest person in ghaznavian chain. He was the poet of Sheyf Alddole (The son of Soltan Ibrahim), but after short time father senthis son to prison & His unlucky poet was with him too.
He was in 3 prisons (Naay, dahak & soo) for 10 years but then he became free & returned to his birthplace. He lived 2 years very peaceful but was sent him to prison there again & lived in it for 8 years (he spent 18 years of his life in prison). 
He became free in 1079. When he was in prison his brave son (named: Saleh) was died. He after became free worked as a librarian & was died in 1049. The complete words of him have 16,000 distiches (that is very w