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Molla Mohammad Bagher Majlesi:

He (that was the son of the Molla Mohammad Taghi Majlesi, A great writer & scientist) was born in Isfahan in 1616 A.D. He had 3 important jobs: The manager of religious things, Teach the religious science (He had 1,000 students in each his classroom), Write a lot of farsi & Arabic books (that said are more than 60).

But his famous & great (better say a dictionary) is Bahar Alanvar Fel Akhbar Alaemme Athar (that have written in 26 volumes). Mola Mohammad Majlesi was died in 1690 & was buried in the Isfahan Jameh mosque. The Most of people say he is the bigges writer & thinker in that time (because he spent his life to learn & teach the others).