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Mahasty Ghanjavi

She that her real name was ((Manijeh)) was born in Ghanje in 1069 A.D. He began to learn when she was 4. She was a master of sciences & Music (like: Harp, chord & Aloes wood). After her father death she found a lot of suitors from Rich & beautiful king's son, merchants with a lot of wealth, but she didn't accept any of them. Because she loved Amir Ahmad, (The son of the preacher of her city).
Mahasty was in the Sultan Sanghar Saljuki court & the king was angry from her act & said to her that leave her birthplace (Few people said she was the sultan's paramour).
She composed very lovely & beautiful poems. This great woman poet was died in 1155 or 1156 in her birthplace (Ghanjeh) when she had 86 years old.