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Hesan Ala Ajam Afzal Alddin Badil ebn Ali Khaghani:

He was born in Shirvan in Khorasan (East) in 1099 A.D. His father (Najib Alddin Ali) was carpenter. He mother was Christian but he loved her a lot. He educated by his uncle that was a poet, philosophy & Doctor.

He worked for Shervanshah. He wanted to go Iraq but king didnít let. But he succeed to go to Mecca & returned from Isfahan road & composed a poem about it. After he arrived to court king poisoned him. When he became free went to Mecca again in 1148. In this days his son was died & he stayed in Tabriz & was died there in 1174.

He hasnít any book but He has poems that said his good feelings. His famous poem is Eyvan Madaen (that is a long & beautiful poem describe this big palace & university).