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karoon is the bigest river in Iran it is on the south west of Iran. It has 890 km long.every second 750 m2 passing from this river and in one year the water that passing is about 23652000000 m2 .  

karoon begin from zard kooh (a mountain in south west of Iran ). Karoon wide is different in each part.when karoon passing the mountains it has about 250 m wide. And when karoon is near Persian gulf it has 500 m wide but in some part karoon has 1100m wide. Karoon has different depth too. From 2 until 8 m.

 karoon is the only river in Iran that ships can go through it. But actually not all  of the ships just some of them that are 7 or 8 thousand tons. Karoon is a very important river for the people that live near it.