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Cambyses & Bardia:

After syrus was died, his oldest son (Cambyses) became king .He wanted to attack to Egypt .He killed his brother because he afraid maybe he treachery to him (Because people loved him a lot). Then he attack to Egypt & defeated the Egyptian pharaoh in 525 B.C. But the sad story happens. He heard that Bardia have became king. He moved with his army to Iran very soon. But between the ways he injured himself badly (suicide). He was died & his body was disappeared.

After short time was revealed true. The Bardia was a Magus (Zoroastrian spiritual) named Geomata. He found out this story from a guard that had seen it. (He was king because was like Bardia & he had told Iím Bardia).

But he was killed in 522 B.C by Great Dariush (The bridegroom of syrus).