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Isfahan is on center of Iran. It has 414 km far from Tehran. Isfahan has 1575 meters high from sea. On south of Isfahan there is 4 mountains. The highest one is Sofeh Mountain, which has 2232 meters high.


Isfahan has a normal weather. South & north of Isfahan is mountain so there is cold on winters. North & east is plain so it has less rain. Isfahan rain was 77 mm on 1372.east of Isfahan has less moisture.


The biggest & most famous river in Isfahan is Zayandeh rood.


The most important crop in Isfahan are fruit (apple, cherry, pear,) wheat, barley, grapes, vegetables, beetroot, rice, cotton & etc. Isfahan has the best tragacanth. Many years a go Isfahan had wonderful saffron.


Isfahan had 1159102 people on 1375 (1996). 1.5% of Isfahan populations are Christian. Most of them live in a place call Jolfa.


Isfahan has lots of roads like:


From To Far
Isfahan Tehran 414
Isfahan Shiraz 481
Isfahan Nain 141
Isfahan Najaf Abad 29
Isfahan Zarin shahr 41
Isfahan Sahre kord 107
Isfahan Yazd 316



Isfahan railway has 548 km far from Tehran.