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Iraj Mirza(Jalal almamalek):

He was the son of Jolamhossain Mirza (sadrol shoara, The brother of Fatalishah the king of Qajar) was born in Tabriz in 1869 A.D. He learnt farsi, Arabic & French in Tabriz encouragement & by Hasanali khan Amir Nezam Garoosy (A famous person in literature & politics.).

 After short time traveled to Europe with Ghavamolsaltane. He was beginning to work in customs & then became the minister of the education, the manager of Azerbaijan office, the assistant of Isfahan & the manager of khorasan finance.

He made & used a new method in poems when he has only 10 years to die. He traveled to Europe again &when came back to Tehran he (1928) was died because of heart failure & was buried in Tajrish (A square in the North of Tehran) near Zahiroddole tomb. His books are: Zohreh, Manouchehr & Aref name.