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Shams aldine mohammade Hafeze shirazi(Lesan alghaib):



He was born in shiraz in 1276 A.D  .His father was Bahaalddin (A big & famous person From Isfahan ). He began to study science in Shiraz .He was very wise & he know koran (The holy book of Muslims) by heart & he read it by 14 different methods. He used Hafez in his poems (that show this poem compose by him). He composed his poems in 50 years Most of the Iranian people use his poems look for themselves fortune, & fortunes always tell true. He got married with shakhe nabat & had a son named Shah naaman (that was died in India when he was a young man).


Hafez is the greatest poets in our country. At last this great & honorable man in the history of Iran died in 1388 when he had 69 years old & his shrine is in his birthplace named: Hafezieh. After his death A man who named: Mohammad Golandam collected his poems like a book in 789 (that now we use it).


The famous persons had sentences about him:


Goethe:  In his poetry Hafez has inscribed undeniable truth indelibly ... Hafez has no peer!


Emerson: Hafez defies you to show him or put him in a condition inopportune or ignoble ... He fears nothing. He sees too far; he sees throughout; such is the only man I wish to see or be.


Edward Fitzgerald:  The best musician of Words.

bulletGertrude Bell:  It is as if his mental eye; endowed with wonderful acuteness of vision, had penetrated into those provinces of thought which we of a later age were destined to inhabit.
bulletA. J. Arberry:  ... Hafez is as highly esteemed by his countrymen as Shakespeare by us, and deserves as serious consideration