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Naserkhosro Ghobadiani:                      

He was the son of Hares Ghobadiani & was born in Ghobadian  (A villages of Marv) in 973 A.D. He was an employer but he had a dream that change his life. He began to travel to Mecca & passed these cities: Nayshabour, Semnan, Ray, Ghazvin, Azerbaijan, Marand, Khoy, Armenia cities (Van, Akhlat & betlis) Sham (Damehgh) & Jerusalem & arrived to Mak After it he went to Egypt & stayed there for 3 years. He went to Mecca twice again. He left Egypt in 1020 & went to Makke & Left there in 1022 & traveled to

Yemen, Fars, Isfahan, Sarakhs (East) & Balkh. (This travel was 7 years).

He was a strong poet that we love him now after 9 century. He has a Diary about his travels that describe the old Iran. He was died in Gharimangan or Badakhshan (A city in East) in 1060 & was buried there. His book are: Zadalmosaferin, Vajhe din, Kahn akhvan, Saadat name.