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Abu Hamed Mohammad Ghazali:

He was born in Tabaran in Toos in 1029 A.D. His father was a tailor but he learnt how to write & read in Toos & went to Gorgan to learn the other sciences. He returned to Toos 3 years later & practiced his lessons. He traveled to Nayshabour & learned Logic and Literature & began to write book. After his master death he left Nayshabour in 1057 when he was 28 & learned from Khaje Nezam Almolk & he was the master of university in Baghdad (named Nezamieh) for 4 years. But he changed; He wanted to become a believer person & left there in 1067 when he was 39. (He said that want to travel to Mecca & gave his job to his brother Ahmad ghazali).
He traveled Sham, Jerusalem & Saudi Arabia for 10 years as a strange & poor person (because all of the world people knew him v