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Mirza Habib Ghaani:

He (that was the son of Mirza Mohammad Ali, a poet of court) was born in Shiraz in 1801 A.D. He traveled to Khorasan & learnt literature & the other sciences. Then he began to compose his poems & was paid attention by Hassan Ali Mirza Shoja Alsaltane. He introduced him to Qajar kings (Fath-Ali shah & Naser Alddin shah) as a excellent poet & He described them. 
He followed Khorasanian poets, but he loved Manoochehry & followed him in his best poems. He also followed Saadi Shirazi & has a book (with lovely poems) like his Golestan that named: Parishan. Complete words of him are very beautiful & agreeable. Ghaani was died in 1894 & was buried in Abd Alazim shrine (A holy shrine in Rey in the South of Tehran.) near that kings who described them in his lovely poems.