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Flamingo is a bird that always live in the water in Asia, Europe, Africa, Madagascar, South America, etc. Flamingo is a member of  phoenicopteridae family. Flamingos usually live together, The are (Male & female) like themselves. They has a fat red or yellow beak with a little black & red, long legs. They also have  long & feeble neck that are like stork. Flamingo's sound is like goose & When it swims its look like swan. When it wants to rest it usually stand on 1 leg ( Some times Flamingo do this for long time).

Flamingo must eat lot to be alive because this reason they can just live in lagoon or lakes for have a lot, fresh food ( Flamingo eats very small things like: alga).

Females often laying 1or2 eggs & always  Male & females sleep on eggs on turn. Chickens are gray when get out of the eggs. A strange thing about these birds: they can find their child from a lot of other kids.

Phoenicopterus rubber. Face, neck, back & chest are white but Legs & feathers are red. They have Head is black too. They live in Orumieh Lake ( Because there are lots of things to eat). They migrate to Fars province & south beach of Iran in summers. Flamingo’s flight is too interesting.  When they afraid from some thing they shout & begin to run until they fly.