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Hakim Abolghasem Ferdosi Toosi:

He was born in a village near Toos (A city in East of Iran) in 908 A.D. He & his family were farmer & he was in his country until he became 40 years old. He wrote Shahname in Ghajnaine from 950 to 980for 30 years. Soltan Mahmoud had promised to him if he can do this great work change each distich of his book with Gold Bullion. But after he gave him his book soltan didnít give him his reward & said: your book hasnít anything except Rostam life & I have a lot of army man like him. & Ferdosi answered: God didnít create a man like him. & Went. He feared from the soltan became angry & escaped from there & traveled to Harat (a city in Afghanistan)  Mazandaran (North) & return to Toos. This great poet was died in his house in a year between 411 &416 & was buried in his garden.

Said after short time soltan understood his mistake & sent his reward but when reward came to city the body of poet go out from it.