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Farokhi yazdi:

He was born in Yazd (Center) in 1885 A.D. He was a nationalism, Democrat & revolutionary poet. Because he disagreed with Zaghim Lddole (The governor of yazd) with his poems, He ordered that sew his mouth. He escaped & came to Tehran in 1907 & composed a lot of revolutionary poems.
He traveled to Iraq when the First World War began but returned to Iran (Because he afraid that British army kill him there). In Iran, He disagreed with 1919 treaty (Between Russia, Great British & Iran). He was taken to prison & was died in 1939 when he was 54.
He published a political newspaper in 1919 named: ((Deluge)). He also became a member of parliament in 1928. He was very brave & nationalist person who is in history of Iran.