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Dr. Abbas Eghbal Ashtyani:

He was born in Ashtian in 1893. When he was a child worked in carpentry. But he tried & could pass the Darolphonoun (The first university in Iran) exams, & after finished his learning began to teach there. He went to Paris as secretary of military mission of Iran in 1925.Eghbal continued his lesson there & caught Licentiates degree. He writing the discourses in 2 magazines named: University & the light of training. After Eghbal came to Iran became a professor of literature & was a member in Iran academy. He wrote a lot of books that made from him an important person He also published a magazine named: commemoration for 5 years (since 1945)

Eghbal never married in his life but his books are his children. He was the cultural delegate of Iran in Turkey & Italy. Finally he died in Roma in 21 Bahman (11th month of Iranian year) 1955. Many of his books are:

Ebne moghafah biography, The general of new history civilization, discourses about Bahrain & islands of Persian gulf, Amir kabir, 3 years in court of Iran, The complete words of Amir maazi & Obaid zakani , The history of Tabarestan (North of Iran) , New history & several books like these.