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Amir khosro ebn amir saif alddin mahmood dehlavi:

He was the son of lachin a Turkish person. He was born in New Delhi in 1230 A.D. After his father was died in 1237 his aunt was beginning to educate him. He was protected by the kings & could continue his lessons there.

He is the biggest poet in India that composed his poems in Farsi & for this reason was named him Indian saadi. He could compose his poems in the all of methods & he was a skilful person in his great job. His books (that like Nezami Ghanzavi) are: Tohfatolsaghr, The middle of Life, Ghoratolkamal, nahayatolkamal, 9sky, Gharanolsaadain, 8 Heavens, Mathnavi of Meftaholfotooh, Shirin and khosro, matlaolanvar, Leila & Majnoon, Alexandrian mirror etc.

Amir khosro this great Iranian (& Indian) poet was died in his birthplace in 1304 & was buried there.