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Damavand is  the highest mountain in Iran & with 5761 meters is 47th mountain in the world. it was an active volcano. but now it is inactive. there is a lot of snow on  the top of it in all of the year.

it has 70 km far from Tehran.58 km from Amol. 12.5 km from Polur. 9 km rineh.8 km abegarm. Damavand is a volcano so it has lots of hot water that can destroy some of the illness. some of these hot water:Abali, Abask, Ablura & etc. 

when you raise up from Damavand  about 5000 meters you cant breath very well because there is a lot of sulfur compounds that can infect  man in long times.

At the top of this wonderful mountain between these snow is a frozen lake.                   Damavand was one of the most important mountains in Iran. from many years a go poets makes poems about Damavand. like: Bahar