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Chalus River:

Chalus River with 80km long comes from Kandovan Mountain then it graft to Caspian Sea on Chalus city (small city on east of Mazandaran province). The important rivers that make Chalus are: Zanus & Mikhsaz. The most of the way it goes through mountains so it has fast water.the mountains like Hezar cham. Then in Pole Zanguleh the place those fields begin it goes straight until it gets to sea. Calus has water every month. In Ordibehest (between May & August) it has the most water about 14 m3  in each seconds. Chalus river is too Important because of the fishes that have like Azad, sefid. Along chalus river there is a wonderful road call Chalus road. Chalus road is one of tha most beautiful road that you ever seen.