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Mohammad taghi Bahar (Malak o shoara):

He was born in Mashhad in 1883 A.D. His father was Kazem Saboory a very famous & important poet. He loved flowers & one day he was beaten by his father (because he had picked the flowers of garden.). Bahar also love painting  & nature (specially mountains).

He began his learning when he was 3.He know most of Koran by heart & was writing Farsi very well. He traveled to Karbala, Najaf & West of Iran in 1893. He was had to Work in a store (because his father had said).

But when his father was died in 1904 he succeeded him. He became a deputy in 1914. He was reinstated in his position. He saved from an attempt. & The terrorists killed another person (who like him) near the national consultative. He left the policy in 1934.After this time he began to write.

He was the professor of Tehran literature university in 1937.He became a lawyer of the national consultative (again) & the culture minister.

He went to Europe for therapy & lived in Lezen (A cities of Switzerland) & At last he was died in 8 o clock in 21 April 1951 there. This great poet also knew Mathematics & Logic very well