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Arvand rood:

From mane years a go before ache, arvand rood was the river that make south west of Iran beautiful until the entire arvand rood was for Iran. It was one of the pretty places in the world. Romans sayed that this place is like paradise.

Arvand rood (Dejleh) begin from Taurus at south east of alzaik(in south west of turkey). After that it comes to Iraq. Arvand rood passing many mountains & after that in east of Iraq 2 rivers that comes from west of Iran (Zagros mountains) graft to it. Next it goes through samereh & Balad. Then arvandrood (Dejleh) comes again to Zagros. & Karkheh graft to it. Dialeh is another river that graft to arvand rood. After that Forat the 29th river in the world graft to arvand rood so arvand rood makes bigger &bigger. At last the biggest river in Iran graft to Arvand rood. Then it passing Abadan Island. And our story ended in Persian Gulf.

Lots of empires & civilization like Babel, ILAM  & achaemenian makes here. Arvand rood has 1950 km long. It brings 50million ton sediment to Persian gulg. So it is more than sediments that Nile brings to Mediterranean. Arvand rood is one of the rivers that has along wide. When Arvand rood is in mountains it has only 450 meters wide but when it is near Persia gulf in some parts it has 1200 meters wide. Arvand rood depth is different in each part. But usually itís between 15up to 45 meters.

Degleh (Arvand rood) comes in Bisotoon inscription. In most of the inscription calls Dejleh tigre.tigre in old persion means fast 7angry. Arvand rood neighbors are a very good place to farm.

Arvand rood is a river that ships can go through it with no problem. Now Arvand rood is the frontier between Iran & Iraq.