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Aras River:

Aras River with 1072 km long begins from east of Turkey then it goes between Iran, Armenia & Azerbaijan. Aras goes from west to east & has different wide in different places. For example near pol dasht it has 100 meters wide & 2 meters depth. The biggest rivers that graft to Aras are: Mako, Marand, Gharehsoo, and ECT. Greek people call this river Arax & Arabian people call it Alras in many years a go. Before 1828 Aras was belong to Iran but after that it be the frontier between Iran & Russia. Many years a go government build a big Dam on Aras that could make mor than 40000 KW electricity. Farmers work on 100000 hectare of Moghan field by Aras Dam water. Non of the ships can go through Aras because of the grad that Aras has.