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Sheykh fakhralddin ebrahim ebn shahriar javaleghi hamedani:

He was born in A Hamedan villige named Kamjan in 1189 A.D. He went to Multan (a city in India) when he was 17 years old. He was Sheykh bahaalddin Zakariaye Multani student & assistant & became his bridegroom (He married with His daughter) & had a son from her named kabir alddin.

After his death He became teacher but after short time left there & went to Goonieh & became a famous person & king built a school for him. But after the king was die he went to Roma, Sham & Egypt. He became best Gnostic in that country. At last he went to Damascus & was died there in 1167. His complete words have 7000 distiches. He also composed Oshaghname & Lamaat.