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Aquila chrysaetos

  Eagles are the birds that eat meat & hunting in days. They live everywhere except South Pole. We have 55 kinds of eagles. All of them have fat & long wing, big head, bent beak & fat tail,

Male & female has no different just female is a little bigger than male. Usually they fly in the air until they get the hunt & After they attack to it with less than 90 angles. They eat lots of thing like mouse, rabbit, fish &Ö. Some times they eat corpse too. Or if they donít find any thing they eat the others hunt. The female eagles usualy  laid 1 or 2 eggs.

Aquila chrysaetos is a rare eagle that  live in mountains & forest of Asia, Europe & north America.

They has a dark feather & a golden feather on head. Young eagle has light feathers but  when it grows up it has golden feathers. Female is a little bigger than male. They are too strong (They can bring up a sheep easily. They like to live in Rocky Mountains. Iran has lots of these birds in Alborz & Zagros. These kinds of eagles are too important for Iranians lots of poets make poems from this pretty bird like: Dr.Parviz natel Khanlari etc.