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Seyyed Ahmad kasravi Tabrizi:

He (that his family were scientist & his father was Haji Mir Ghasem) was born in a house in Hokm Abad (in Tabriz) in 8 Mehr (7th month) 1890 A.D. He knew History, Foreign languages. He had a lot of enemies (Because he had a specially ideas about religious subjects).

He published a newspaper named: flag & a magazine named: Promise (that was written in it he & his follower’s ideas).

He & his secretary (Hadad pour) went to Tehran public prosecutor’s office to explain about his books in 20 Esfand 1945. In 11 o’clock when they answered 2 brothers (that named: Emami) entered & was killed them with knife & Gun. (Later, people knew that they were the members of an extremist & Terrorist group named: The devotees of Islam).

We don’t know where is their tomb because his follower (that named: Pak dinan) took him to a huge place in the East of Imamzade Gasem (named: Abik). They dug a hole (that was 2 meters depth) near a tree & took them in it & fill cement on their body (without Gravestone).

His books are: The history of Parliament in Iran, The anonymous kings, the history of Azerbaijan in this 18 years, the history of Khuzestan from 2500 years ago & The genesis of America etc.