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 almout is a famouse mountain with more than 3000 meters high.

 if you want to climbed up Alamut first you most go to Qazvin (city on east of Tehran) when you have 10 km far from Qazvin you see a road on right side. you must go through that road. after about 50 km you will see a wonderful lake actually no river graft to it. all of it water is because rain & a very big fountain under it. then after 70 km you reach Alamut. you will see shahrood river next to road. if you want to go to Alamut by walking you must go through Shahrood river 14 times.

Alamut is not famous because of it high. it is famous because of a perfect & old castle on top of it. thi8s castle was belong to Hassan Sabbah he & his famous group lived there. around this castle is lots of old things. Alamut way is too difficult. on those days nobody could climbed up from this. the only place that mogul couldn't destroy was Alamut. because none of them could climbed up.